Twist A Mini™

It's 9 Tools In One!

Don't let your creative abilities be limited by your tools.

The Twist-A-Mini does it all: etch, engrave, buff, polish, carve, cut, drill, sand, restore and more.

And it's so easy to use - just hold it like a pencil for greater versatility, more accurate control and a faster finish.

Now you can tackle the most delicate jobs in the finest of detail.

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Twist A Mini - Professional Results Everytime

The Twist-A-Mini Makes Jobs Around The Home Easier & Faster

  • The accuracy to quickly sharpen the dullest blade
  • The torque to rid stubborn rust in no time
  • The power to grind down a rusty nail
  • The agility to engrave detailed designs & create amazing art and gifts
  • Sand a rough edge down to a smooth finish fast and easily
  • Remove grout or make old grout look like new
Twist A Mini with accessories
Lady engraving glass using Twist a mini

9 Tools In 1

  • Complete sharpening kit for a fast, sharp professional edge on everything around the home.
  • The total restoration kit gives you the power to remove stubborn rust, burnish metals to brilliance.
  • Full carving kit gives you the versatility to cut, drill, sculpt and carve in timber, plastics, fiberglass, metals, bone, stone – even hard ceramic tile.
  • 300 professional attachments to engrave, sharpen, remodel or repair almost anything around the home or on the job fast and easily.

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What's Included?

Etch, Engrave, Buff, Sand, Carve, Polish, Cut, Drill, & Restore 


"I really love using it. The variable speed makes a big difference with the work whether you're a beginner or advanced....

It's definitely something which you should have in your workshop."

- First Time User



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  • What are the specifications of the Twist-A-Mini™?

    Package Dimensions: 39cm x 28cm x 10cm

    Product Weight: 2.45kgs

    Shipping Weight: 2.75kgs

    Materials: Plastic, steel, rubber

    Hose Length: 105cm

    Cord Length: 2 metres


  • Can I return the Twist-a-Mini™ if I change my mind?

    Our 30 day money back guarantee gives you the peace of mind to be able to try the Twist-A-Mini™ for 30 days from receipt. If for some reason you choose not to keep it, simply return it to us in its original packaging for a full refund of the product purchase price.

  • I've lost my manual - where can I find another one?

    You can download your Twist-A-Mini manual here

  • Where can I buy replacement parts and accessories?

    Call our friendly Customer Service team onthe number shown on your screen for parts and accessories

  • Does the Twist-A-Mini™ come with a warranty?

    Yes. You can find more information about the warranty here.

  • Twist-a-Mini™ safety information

    • Always store the Twist-A-Mini in a safe, dry place. Keep the motor ventilation slots and controls clear of dust and other debris.
    • Sparks may occasionally be seen through the ventilation slots. This is normal and will not damage your power tool.
    • Twist-A-Mini requires no additional lubrication or maintenance. Never use liquids or chemicals to clean your power tool. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
    • If the power supply cord is damaged, you must have it replaced immediately by the manufacturer or an approved service agent or similarly qualified persons.
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