Twist A Saw™

The Essential Renovation, Remodelling & Craft Tool

With 10x the speed of a regular drill, the Twist-A-Saw is a proven powerhouse in the palm of your hand.

Cut in any direction - up, down, left, right. Create shapes in all sorts of materials without having to change tools or accessories. Cut perfect circles, accurate and easily.

No need to drill a pilot hole – just plunge cut and go!

For professional results at a fraction of the cost, Twist-A-Saw is an essential addition to any toolbox.

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A Proven Powerhouse Drill

  • Custom designed Torque balanced motor with Advanced Adaptive Electronics – senses when load is increasing and will compensate with an increase in power.
  • Patented adaptive handle design allows you to convert your Twist-a-Saw into a Circular Saw, Drill, Jigsaw, Router, Cut-Off Saw and more!
  • Special side-cutting bits – cut in any direction to create shapes in all sorts of material.
Twist-a-saw drill
Twist-A-Saw with accessories closeup

For Professional Results At A Fraction Of The Cost

  • Plunge cut – no need to drill pilot holes.
  • Cuts through concrete, marble, stone and hard tile
  • Lightweight and almost effortless to use
  • Unequaled precision and accuracy – cut freehand faster and with greater control.

Cut & Grind - 

Sand & Sharpen - 

Polish - 

Hole-cut - 

- Precision Drill

- Etch

- Engrave & Carve

- Rasp & Rout

Twist-A-Saw attach accessories diagram

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What's In The Kit?


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"The Twist-A-Saw has been fantastic. It was so fast, quick and easy! I recommend this to anyone - It's a brilliant tool."
- First time user

"First time using it I made a disc which I couldn't have cut by hand. Great tool!"
- First time user

Circular Saw Testimonial

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  • What is the difference between the Standard and Deluxe Kit?

    The difference is based on the number of accessories that come with your Twist-A-Saw™. View a complete list of what is included in each kit here.

  • What are the technical specifications of the Twist-A-Saw™?

    Rated: Voltage 230-240V

    Rated Frequency: 50Hz

    Power: 550 Watts

    Speed: 5000 - 25000 rpm

    Protection Class: Double Insulation

    Weight: 1Kg

  • What is the warranty policy on the Twist-A-Saw™?

    We offer a 2 year limited warranty on your Twist-A-Saw. Read further information about it here.

  • I've lost my manual, where can I get another one?

    You can download your Twist-A-Saw™ manual here.

  • Where can I buy replacement parts and accessories?

    Call our friendly Customer Service team on the number shown on your screen for parts and accessories.

  • Can I return the Twist-a-Saw™ if I change my mind?

    Absolutely – our 30 day money back guarantee gives you the peace of mind to be able to try the Twist-a-Saw™ for 30 days from receipt. If for some reason you choose not to keep it, simply return it to us in its original packaging for a full refund of the product purchase price.

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